QA & Automation

Clarus Infotech offers training & certification program in software testing that demonstrates a advance level understanding of software quality testing methodology & principles which includes software test automation. The program is designed to ensure that the trainees are able to find suitable employment opportunities. This program is also focus on project testing using real time tools.

The program equips individuals with latest knowledge in testing domain enabling them to excel in their IT career using various Automation tools.

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This course provides a comprehensive knowledge in functional test automation using Open Source Test Automation tool.

Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. This tool is primarily developed in Java Script and browser technologies and hence supports all the major browsers on all the platforms. The participants will use Selenium interface to record and play back tests, write the test scripts and troubleshoot tests. The participants will learn to create steps that work with dynamic objects and data using java features, Java IDE, Junit.

Upon completion, students should be able to write the basic and advanced level scripts using various features in Selenium. Participants should be able to develop the different types of frameworks based on the requirement and applications functionalities.


  • Knowledge On QA/Software Testing Fundamentals
  • Basic Knowledge Of Java Programming Language Will Be Beneficial But Not Mandatory

Learning Objectives

  • Able Learn The Selenium Fundamentals And Architecture
  • Understand The Usage Of Selenium IDE ,Building And Running Test Cases
  • Selenium RC And Commands
  • Core Java Language Fundamentals
  • Basic Java Programming
  • Working With The Assertion Mechanism
  • Identifying Web Element Using Locators
  • Installation / Configuring Eclipse For Java And Selenium
  • Learn How To Create Project For Selenium Web Driver And Add Jar Files To Eclipse Project
  • Web Element Methods And Properties And Synchronization
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Create Test Cases With Junit And TestNG
  • Junit And TestNG Annotations In Test Cases
  • Create Test Case With Web Driver
  • Parameterization Using Junit And TestNG
  • Learn About Maven, Jenkins And Appium
  • Able To Understand And Work With The Automation Frameworks

Web Services Testing

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Web Services Testing through practical approach. The participants will use SOAPUI and SOAPUI PRO to create Test Suite, Test Cases, Add Assertions , Valid XPath and Groovy scripting. The participants will learn to create Web Service Test Assertions and Data-driven testing in SOAPUI .

By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the technology, the testing issues involved in testing web services.


  • Knowledge On QA/Software Testing Fundamentals.
  • Basic Knowledge Of Any Programming/Scripting Language Will Be Beneficial But Not Mandatory

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Web Services And SOA
  • Understand XML Concepts
  • Able To Learn WSDL And Web Services
  • Learn Paradigms Needed For Testing Web Services
  • Understand The Key Characteristics Of Web Services
  • Explore Different Test Strategies For SOA-Based Applications
  • Validation Messages
  • Working With REST Services
  • Functional Testing Using SOAPUI And SOAPUI PRO
  • Learn Groovy Scripting And SOAPUI
  • Identify Bugs In Testing Web Services
  • Learn To Use SOAPUI For Functional, Performance & Security Testing